Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Countdown Calendar

I saw this on another blog and decided I wanted to try it. Two days later I've managed to do 3 of them. Though they aren't hard, it took a lot of mental energy to come up with 24 different things to do with matchstick boxes, paper, and embellishments.

Here is my red period,

and my green period,

and my blue period (thank you Van Gogh for your inspiration.)

Following are some close-ups of the boxes.

I especially like the 15th on the following. I used a button with the shank cut off and attached a part of a ballpoint spring as the top of the "ornament".

Tips and the things I used include:

*a specialty cardstock 48 sheet pack from Michaels by me & my big ideas. It says that it is "Kay-Oh What Fun".
*Scrappy Glue to glue on virtually everything but the magnets.
*The magnets were attached with E6000.
*The only thing that I had access to that would attach the paper to the cookie sheet was Scotch ATG-714.
*I took a magnet to the store to make sure the cookie sheet had steel in it and the plus was it only cost around $3.
*My cricut machine. It was absolutely invaluable. The original I saw used stamps, but I don't have much of a stock of stamps. But I do have several different cartridges for my cricut machine and was able to do everything I would want.
*Martha Stewart's doily lace edge punch.
*lots of ribbon, rhinestones, and buttons for embellishments.

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