Monday, May 16, 2011

Creating again.

I spent a couple of weeks in early April preparing for my upcoming visits to my children and grandchildren and wanted to share what I made.

This initial pillow

was made to see if sewing this would work. The original pillow pattern came from here and it was so darling I could hardly wait to make it. She hot glued the petals on, but I felt sorry for my granddaughter who would want to squish it and scrunch it and otherwise love on it, so I figured out that if I formed a box pleat in the center of the petal and then sewed it on, it would look good. And it did! For the center, I took the little circles and folded them in half. I took a stitch in the center from one side of the fold to the other and then stitched it to the center and coming back and stitching it another time or two. I sewed them very close together and that took the most time (about 2 hours for each flower).

After ascertaining that this would work, I made this

for a friend we would be visiting in Houston. I like it every bit as much.

I made the following felt food for my granddaughter. I found them on several different blogs. The bacon was here. The eggs I found were here. The pancakes and the donuts came from another set of blogs that I can't find right now. I did what I do when I make real donuts... cut the inside hole too big.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these. I like working with felt and with fleece (no hems needed.)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Musings on Church callings

When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was in its pioneer days, leadership callings could last for years and years. My grandfather was Ward Sunday School President and I got the impression that it spanned many years. Bishops could be in place for 25 years or more.

Things changed. When I was a young mother, leadership callings in the church lasted for a year or a year and a half, (though Bishops were there longer.) I also was often released from any callings right after my children were born and had a respite for a few months. This was not unusual.

The pendulum has swung back. I see many people staying in their callings for many, many years. I was Relief Society President for 5 years, our primary president has been in her calling for about 7, the Young Women's President about 4 and if you have a lesser known calling you can be there for 10 years or more. I have been ward choir pianist for approximately 10 years and I suspect I'll be there longer as it depends on a talent that is scarce in our ward. I am a ward organist for the same reason and expect to be there for a long time, though this is not new, I've known lots of career organists in many wards.

Also, a pregnant mom and new mom are expected to continue in their position unless she or her baby have health issues.

No reason for this post, but I just was thinking about how things change.