Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another update on Jeanine

Jeanine received the first of her new treatments on Friday, the 17th. With the switch in treatments, she has had a huge change in the amount of pain in her liver. She said that she has never been able to categorize her pain in the traditional 1 - 10 used in the hospital, but she says that the pain she is experiencing now is similar to the pain she feels immediately after a major surgery.

She is still trying to work, but she spent Monday at home and was late to work yesterday. She worked today also. She is relying heavily on her pain meds to make life livable. She has tried to get hold of her doctor's office or the PA, but has never been able to speak to anyone. Finally today she just called and got an appointment with her Oncologist for late Friday afternoon.

She has not asked, but I am sure that she would appreciate your prayers. Thanks.

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