Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun? over the weekend

Jeanine had her second dose of Avastin on Friday. She called me in a panic on Saturday morning. She had just taken her blood pressure and it was 178/128. I thought it was a good reason to be worried.

She called her oncologist's office and told them of her issue (this was just the highest of the fluctuating blood pressure numbers.) The on-call oncologist returned her call an hour later and told her to go get checked out. He didn't say where, so we headed to an Urgent Care facility. The doctor there talked with her for quite a while, but what he basically told her is that her treatment and her health issues required advice from the oncologist, not him. He told her to go home and call her oncologist's office again and tell them where she had gone and get some answers from him.

When she got home, she called the oncologist's answering service and it was obvious that they immediately talked to the doctor. She got a return call in just a matter of a few moments rather than an hour later. The doctor told her to double up on her blood pressure medicine and come in to see someone on Monday. Her blood pressure did not go up to the same levels again, but she has run around +/- 150/100 since her visit to Urgent Care.

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