Thursday, November 4, 2010

Liver surgery is off

Jeanine had her PET scan this week and as you can tell from the label, the surgery is off. She was originally told that if the scan worked and showed cancer in other areas of the body beyond the liver, they would not operate. That is the case. They found that the suspicious spots on her lymph nodes were indeed cancer. This means that operating will not get rid of her cancer and it would still be spreading throughout her body. It is a devastating development.


  1. Oh dang, that is just bad news! I wish that were not the case, but we are still praying for her every day. Give her our love!

  2. What a shock... how disappointing. We will fast for Jeanine and your family this Sunday!

  3. Oh, Aunt Betsy... I'm so sorry, and am sending love and prayers!