Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Primary Music Time - Snowman

My daughter is a Primary Singing Time Chorister also and gave me this idea to reinforce the music for our new song, "If I Listen With My Heart." After teaching the song, you have the pianist stop in the middle of the song. You pick one of the children to tell you the next word. If they know the word, they get to build a part of the snowman.

I loved the idea. This is what I did. I drew a snowman onto a poster board using almost the entire piece. I then cut a hat, a scarf and a carrot out of the leftover poster board (or in the case of the hat, cardstock.) I took some flat, vase gems that I had which happened to be blue. Because I wanted them black, I painted the backs with acrylic paint. If I hadn't had the gems, I would have turned to buttons or rocks. Those are the eyes, the mouth, and the buttons. I had some leftover minkie that was unusable for anything else and draped it over the scarf form and hot glued it on the back.

I then used black felt on the hat plus a strip of leftover material. Attach the felt to the hat. In my case, I had adhesive felt, so it was a simple job. I cut the leftover material twice the width that I needed and a couple of inches longer. I was able to glue the raw edges of the width so that they met in the center and then glued the material to the hat. I wrapped a little around the back so the raw edges did not show on the sides.

For the carrot, I took the carrot shape and used spray adhesive to attach some leftover batting onto the carrot and then glued the orange fabric (that was cut a little larger than the carrot) on the back of one side of the long end and then pulled the fabric so that it would stretch across the batting and glued on the wrong side opposite and continued around the carrot.

The last thing I did was outline each part of the snowman and cut the snowman into 3 pieces and put magnets on the back. I used lots of magnet strips on the back of the white pieces and used button magnets for everything else.

This is the disassembled snowman.

And this is what the children will see, when they know the song well..

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