Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

I am done with my Valentine's Day crafting extravaganza and this proves it. My guest bed is never clean until I finish my current crafts.

I have already posted the first pillow I made with this tutorial. But the following are the other pillows that I made from that tutorial...

I decided to try my hand at another pillow. I didn't find a blog doing this, but I'm sure there are some out there. The material I used to make the heart was a fabric I am unfamiliar with. It is something like a double sided suede and I bought it at Goodwill. It is actually too heavy for this application, though it would have been fine if I had filled the entire pillow with the ruffled "suede".

Another view...

I saw these felt cookies and had to make some for my granddaughter. It was fairly simple to make without any instructions.

It was so fun and I would have made more, but I was my shipping date was approaching too fast.

I saw a post for a Valentine frame for Dads which I cannot now find. It involved chalkboard paint and in the original it had conversation hearts close to the picture around the frame. I wanted to do the same thing for Girl's Activity Day, but ran out of time. I had the foam fun hearts and decided to make the frames to give to the girls for Valentine's Day.

My last Valentine's creation was a combination of a few blogs. I took a dollar frame and painted it black. I then put some scrapbook paper that I had obtained on clearance and tried the glitter half hearts on it. It needed more. So I copied the words from one of my husband's and my favorite songs onto paper and then changed the size and font of some of the words. I cut it out and voila! and very nice looking wall hanging. BTW, I bought the glitter hearts at the dollar store and used a serrated knife to cut them in half.

Unfortunately, I cannot be craftless for long. My bed is already loading up with the supplies for the Girl's Camp fundraiser.

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