Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jeanine's trip to the Mayo clinic

Jeanine and I have spent the last 3 days in Rochester Minnesota at the Mayo clinic. We went there with the specific hope and purpose that she would have the cancerous part of her liver removed.

She spent Tuesday having many tests. They included CAT scans and MRIs and today she even had a test to check her vocal chords.

Today she spent the day going from doctor to doctor to doctor and there was little to brighten her day. The removal of the diseased liver is not an option at this time. She has learned that she has what looks to be renal cell carcinoma in her liver (which she knew), in the lymph nodes outside her liver, and small growths of it in her lungs, and in her pancreas. To our surprise, it is also suspected that she has thyroid cancer in her thyroid, if not it is also renal cell carcinoma. If it is thyroid cancer, there is no special worries about it. It is well-contained and easily treatable, if it becomes an issue.

The doctors have urged her to go home and get back on chemo treatment as soon as possible and if at some time the cancer reduces enough, they will consider surgery again.

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