Friday, June 15, 2012

Jeanine again

A few days ago, Jeanine went back to the radiation oncologist and he suggested that it was time to radiate the other tumor that he had told her about. She wanted some more time to recupe from the previous radiation, so she will go back a week from Monday and make a decision at that point.

Jeanine, my sister, Mardy, and I talked to the PA for her original oncologist today and the PA confirmed what the oncologist had already said. There is nothing more that he can do for her. Jeanine cannot have any more chemo. The PA suggested a call to a hospice. Jeanine had hoped that when/if the biliary tubes were unblocked, she could go back to her normal (for her) lifestyle. The PA inferred that it was time to quit fighting, but said that they would support her if she decided to continue to do so. The PA also said that in most cases radiation is allowed in the hospice environment when it is done to provide pain relief. Jeanine now has a big decision to make and she is the only one who can make it. The PA also told Jeanine that her bilirubin levels have risen again... It is now at 30.

Jeanine continues to live at home. Mardy and I, along with a good friend, take turns staying with her. In a couple of weeks my brother, Dave, and his wife, Laura, will move in with her for an indefinite period of time. She mostly sleeps/daydreams her days away, but every once in a while, she'll get a burst of energy and do a little cleaning or bookkeeping. She is still very aware of her surroundings and even if her eyes are closed, she knows what is going on most of the time. She enjoys visiting both on the phone and in person, but tires out quickly.

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