Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hemp bracelets

It is time for us to start preparing for Girl's Camp and this year the theme is "Peace, Love, Virtue" with a 60's and 70's vibe. I am so excited because there is so much we can do to make camp memorable with this theme. Our ward chose to be the "Hip Hippies", but last night at our meeting, we decided to add "have hearts". The girls wanted to continue with a tradition started last year of giving away gifts to other girls in other wards.

I had gone on line here and found the directions to make braided hemp bracelets with beads. I had other directions for other bracelets, but I thought these might be the easiest to start with. It was a wise decision. The learning curve for this bracelet was time consuming (30-40 minutes), but after they made one, they made the next one within 5 minutes.

This is the sample I made for the girls. Would you believe that the hardest thing for them to grasp was the overhand knot? I ended up tying it for several of the girls, they just couldn't figure it out even watching me closely.

What follows are the bracelets the girls made. These first ones are left open.

The following are closed using a bead and a loop as the clasp.

The bracelets made last night were to give away, but the girls so liked what they did, they begged to be able to have their own. I told them I would bring the supplies to camp and they could make one for themselves there.

This was a very successful craft.

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  1. I always figured (maybe for no good reason) that hemp bracelets implied a particular affinity for that plant. I hope that's not right in this case. =)