Sunday, April 11, 2010

A not so successful singing time

As I prepared to teach "The Church of Jesus Christ" today, I found this website and decided to use the ideas that it suggested. I made the questions on the back of letters that spelled "Believe". I then had the key words made up for when they answered the questions.

The problems began when I realized that a lot of them were singing along with me or else ignoring what was going on entirely. I asked for everyone who knew the song to come up and sing with me. The entire primary except for the 3 year old class came up. I had not planned anything else for this singing time and I was now in trouble. I had 20 minutes and children who knew the song better than me.

I pulled out a game that I had made before Easter. It is a domino game and though I like the idea, I have not been able to make the rules so that they make sense and get the children excited to sing. The children sang well, though, despite their restlessness and boredom. We ended up going overtime and I left some very restless and noisy children for the Primary President to take over and have sharing time. Despite these problems, if I knew the children did not know this song, I would do this again with Senior Primary, not Junior.

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