Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach Camp

Each year we head to California to South Carlsbad Beach and enjoy camping on the cliffs above the beach. This is the view from our campsite...

Here is our campsite.

The sound of the waves provide an almost sure cure to insomnia. It is what "white noise" is based on. I spent my first couple of days there sleeping and reading.

My DH and I went to Old Town San Diego one day. I wanted to show him all the museums that were there. Most of the museums were closed and the food that we had there was overpriced and not very good.

After a couple of days our DIL and grandchildren joined us. It picked up our pace quite a bit. We played on the beach and went strawberry picking. It is one of the activities that we most enjoy.

A few of those specks are my grandchildren playing on the beach. I took the photo from our campsite.

Our camping trip was a success and made another memory that we will have to look back on and enjoy.

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