Monday, May 31, 2010

Girl's Camp is over!

Girl's Camp is done for the year and it was a great experience! I believe that for the most part, the girls had a great time and so did I. We especially enjoyed the Sunday activities... the Gila Valley Temple Dedication and a presentation on the iron rod by the YCLs. One of the memorable moments for one of my cabin moms occurred when the bus left all of her group at the church while they were in the restroom. She luckily was helped out by members of the ward who drove them back to camp. Only one girl was seriously injured. She sprained her ankle on a hike and is still walking around on crutches.

What follows are some of the things that I did to give the girls during our camp stay...

Our theme of camp was based on the 60's and 70's, so I gave the girls some things that came out of those decades. I found mood rings and gave the girls those. Everyone had them in the 70's at some point.

I also gave them this based on a short term fad in 1975.

I found some Pet Rock Instructions on line that included such pithy wisdom as how to make your pet rock "Stay", "Play Dead", and how to take your rock for a walk (in your pocket.) I miniaturized it and made an instruction book of my own.

And here's the finished product.

These guys are warm fuzzies based on a story I've had for many years.

As I wrote earlier, the girls enjoy giving out little gifts to fellow campers. We gave out the bracelets that I wrote about in an earlier blog and the following too...

This idea came from a cabin mom who got sick and was unable to go to camp this year. Each person got bubbles and a sticker that said "I've been bubbled!"

I saw girls wearing these rainbow bandaids on their faces. It was a mini-fad for a day or two.

The cabin mom who got sick sent these with us to give to the girls. This first one is a journal for camp. It was a composition book that she spray painted black and put vinyl stickers on.

She also had these name posters to hang by the girl's beds.

Lastly, I had these wooden boards left over from a project I did when I was RS President and decided to put them to good use. They were used to write messages on. It was such a good idea that they made something similar at their craft class! Great minds think alike! The magnets were based on the theme. The peace sign for "Peace", the heart for "Love", and the daisy for "Virtue".

All in all, it was a great experience. I would post pictures of the girls and some of our activities, but I want to protect their privacy. I have pictures of the most hilarious time we had. We played one game of spoons and it started a fun rivalry between two girls that was just plain fun and never got out of hand. On the last night, one of the girls found plastic spoons in her sleeping bag, inside her pillow case, etc. Fun, fun, fun!

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