Monday, August 16, 2010

Time with Grandma

When my grandchildren are about 10 months old, I begin a one-on-one time with them on my bed. I keep a selection of books that I only read to them there and they have a very, very simple activity that we do there. It is simply called "The Sponges".

I have made many of these over the years because they wear out, but I always make more because they seem to love the activity. It is similar in theory to the Tupperware Shape-O.

But it is for a much younger age group. I did at one time try different shapes in the lid, but for the age group I target, it doesn't really work.

So a quick tutorial, though you probably could figure it out on your own.

First, I buy sponges.

I haven't bought them in years, but used to be able to find them in the dollar bins at the grocery store.

They are always flexible, wet or dry.

I then take a cheap plastic container leftover from cottage cheese, sour cream, etc and outline a hole about the size of a half dollar.

I cut it out and make sure that there are no burrs around the cut area. If there are, I recut.

I then cut the sponges into 1 1/2" shapes. They can be any shape. I didn't cut any out this time since the sponges last much longer than the containers. Here is why I'm replacing the lid...

Here is the finished product.

Of course, the children adjust the activity to fit their age.

This activity has been popular with each of my children and grandchildren. It is not pretty, but they love it.

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  1. Hi Betsy,
    What a great and simple idea. I happen to have sponges and several sour cream tubs! And thanks again for the updates on Jeanine.

    Cute granddaughter!