Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Primary Girls Activity Day - Christmas Service

I was thinking of what I could do in Activity Day this week and remembered something I had done the last time I was Activity Day Leader many years ago. It was based on a story that I had read in The Friend. I didn't remember the story exactly, but I remembered that you made a baby Jesus and manger and then as you did a service for someone, you added a piece of straw to the manger to make the bed soft for the baby Jesus. Imagine my surprise as I searched the website to find that the story had been repeated in the December 2010 issue. I decided it must be a sign.

Last time, we made babies out of sculpey clay and baked them, but they tended to fall apart and the manger was out of popsicle sticks. I wanted to do something different and found this at this website. I decided it would be cheaper if I used the little plastic babies that you can find in the baby shower section of craft stores. It also turned out to be wise because of time constraints.

We had a great time doing it. The hardest part was tying the floss on. We eventually tied the floss around the neck first to get it to stay. The girls were happy and I hope they follow through with acts of service.

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