Thursday, November 1, 2012

My vote

I am a Mormon and I am voting for Mitt Romney. 

I want to explain myself though.  I am not voting for Mitt Romney just because I am a Mormon.  There have been Mormons who have held office that I would not and didn't vote for.  Here is why I am voting for Mitt Romney and yes, being a Mormon is part of it, but probably not in the way you might think.

First, Mitt is a former stake president.  This leadership position is not one that you are elected to or ask for.  It is one that you are called by God to perform.  This means that the person who calls the stake president has been prompted to call him by the Holy Ghost.  It also means that he is honest, that he is a leader, that he believes in many moral principles that I believe in.  He has worked with rich people and poor people and has counseled them in many situations and for many reasons.  Because he is a very actively participating Mormon, he is also charitable and knows how to work hard.  I guarantee that he has done such things as paint, cut down trees, etc. as part of church service projects.  He has seen the poorest of the poor and we all know that he has seen the richest of the rich.  Because he is a very active church member, there are so many qualities that I know he possesses.

Second, Mitt is a successful business man.  This country is in a terrible spot.  We have trillions of dollars in deficits and we must bite the bullet and dig our way out.  He is going to be responsible for some terribly hard decisions, but he has the backbone to do so.  There is a story of a veteran's hospital and Mitt's visit there and his response to the needs of the hospital.  I first heard it on a Glen Beck radio show, but I found it here.  I won't repeat it.  You can read it yourself.  Many people love Reagan, but don't realize that this nation didn't love him during his reign as President.  Did you realize that when the air traffic controllers went on strike and stayed that way?  Did you know that he used his power as President to bust their union?  He was not popular when he did that, I can assure you on that.  But Reagan made those hard decisions and the country was better for it.  I feel that Romney would do the same.

Third, Mitt is a person who can negotiate.  He has told us about it in every interview and every debate.  In his state, he was governor and he was able to pass all sorts of legislation because he worked on both sides of the aisle.  Because he is honest (see number 1), he doesn't say what he is going to do, what his plan is or he seems very wishy-washy on the subject.  There is a reason.  How can he say what he is going to do, if he is going to negotiate with both parties?  He knows full well that he has to be able to work with both sides and will have to give in to others demands to get his way on others.

Fourth, Mitt has issues with speaking.  He is great at sound bites, but they are not the sound bites that he would want people to pick up on.  Now why is that a reason to vote for him?  It is purely personal.  I am just the same way.  I say things that I think are perfectly clear and self explanatory and find them being interpreted in ways that I never thought they could be.  Thus I can truly relate.  Also, some silver-tongued people are all talk with no substance or their words have completely different substance behind them.  I remember a family that I knew as a youth who were so sweet and said the nicest things, but I never trusted them.  They were too slick and polished.  Romney tries to be transparent, but gets in trouble when he does so.  I have no doubt that his "binders of women" was purely his way of letting others know that he wanted the best working for him, but wanted them to be women also.

This is but a small part of my thought processes, but it is getting late and I am starting to not make much sense.  So I am off to bed.  Night, night!  And thanks for listening (reading) my opinions.

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