Friday, January 3, 2014

Minion Stuffed Critters

I made many things for Christmas, but most I found on Pinterest.  I looked for, but couldn't find a good stuffed Minion (from Despicable Me) so I had to design it myself.  Say hello to my family of Minions.
Each has different hair and eye combinations and the initials were the first initial of each child's name.
"K" has what I lovingly call hair plugs.  The stiff spiky hair was plastic lacing and I used fabric glue to sandwich it between bias tape.  The plugs were then stuck through the fabric from the wrong side of the fabric and glued in place.
 "M" has yarn hair. The glasses were made from sale "Halloween" fabric from Joanne's.  They were holographic circles.
"H" had the easiest hair.  It was also plastic lacing but I just stitched it into the seam.
"R" had spiky hair again.  The eyes themselves were made of brown felt with a black circle for the center.  I took some caramel colored pearl cotton and sewed from the black circle to the outside of the brown felt.  I took a couple of stitches in the center with white pearl cotton.

I would love to do a tutorial, but I have very poor communication skills when I try to explain what I did.  These little critters took about 1 1/2 days each to complete with normal duties stuffed in the middle of the days.  They sure were fun, though.  Goodbye little fellas!


  1. The kids love them, more than I would've expected...

  2. Betsy - those are seriously so cute!!!! Great job!!!!