Saturday, September 19, 2009


Now that the ironing board and sewing machine are stowed away and the fluff and strings vacuumed up, I thought I'd talk a little about my creations of the past week. I have a very hard time visualizing how something is going to turn out. I am the kind of person who would rather make 20 of an item instead of 1. I know that the first item I make will have a multitude of flaws that can be corrected within the first 2 or 3 times I try to make it.

I made these curtains earlier this week. They are hung either a little too high or a little too low. This means I need to figure out something to make them look better. Do I rehang them? Add a valance? Or my latest thought... put a vinyl phrase on the wall between the curtain rod and the window? It's not the only issue. I thought they would be plenty full and the white stripes would be more prevalent than the red. Wrong on all accounts. The curtain rod has its own problems. Every time I close the drapes, the drapes catch on the rod and pull out the rod so it tends to grow longer every time.

This blanket looks OK, but it looks old ladyish to me. It is a soft fur type material on one side and cotton on the other and I suspect that the fur will always be way too slinky for the cotton. I do enjoy machine embroidery and that turned out fairly nice. After purchasing the material for this, I went to Ross and found similar nicer-looking blankets for about 1/2 of what I paid for the materials for this blanket.

These stuffed baseballs turned out fine. I had done a dozen larger size balls in the summer for girls' camp, so had plenty of experience making these. I did try a new type (for me) of embroidery that made the words appear much clearer.

I love creating things, but I can't create them from scratch. I have to see a sample and then I can improve on it or change it so that it is sometimes so different from its original that you would never believe that it came from there.


  1. So many crafty items are cheaper to buy than to make. And when you get really good at it, the recipient thinks you bought it anyway. That's why, in my opinion, crafting is really more about the crafter than the craftee.

    As for your curtains, I think they should be hung lower. In the picture, the red and white do mix and look pink. Oh well. Whatever you do with them, at least you can keep people from looking inside at night, which that room desperately needed!

  2. The privacy is worth everything.