Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My childhood home

I was looking through my pictures and found some that I took about 3 years ago of my home from the age of 6 months to 14 years of age. Our family lived in Coolidge at an electrical substation.

The far right of the picture just before the overpass you can see what's left of the original road into the substation. I am taking the picture from the new road into the substation.

Here is the diesel plant. It was across the parking lot from our home. I loved going there, but we weren't allowed to go there by ourselves. It had way too many gadgets that a child could do damage to. I especially liked it when they fired up the diesel engines. They were huge and as I remember on their sides. They didn't run them often.

This is the front door to our side of the duplex. We had a living room, eat-in kitchen, utility room, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a long hall, and a closed in sun porch that had no heating or cooling (that I remember.) I loved the hall in this house. You could close the doors to the other rooms and have privacy to talk on the phone or you could play ball.

This is the east side of the duplex showing all the bedroom windows. Mom & Dad's room were on the far left, the bathroom was the smallest window, the 2 tall windows were the main kid bedroom, and the windows with the small air conditioning unit were the sun porch. We used to love to lay on the bed in the sun porch (which was always closed in as long as I remember) and watch the summer storms roll by. We could see the storms and hear the thunder, but we rarely got rain.

This is the back of our duplex. The door on the left leads to the sun porch. The door on the right leads to our utility room. The small window between doors was our kitchen.

When we lived at the substation, we were 5 miles from town. In this picture you'll find that if you look to the far left, you can see the overpass that was just a short distance from our house.

Our duplex looks remarkably the way it did when we lived there (at least on the outside), but the surroundings have changed a great deal.


  1. Hey Bets--- Were the pecan trees and date palms still there?---P

  2. I was trying to remember myself when I was posting the pictures. I'm pretty sure the palms were there, but I'm not sure about the pecan tree. The oleanders were there and so was the old garage that we never parked in. They had added some portables and paved much of the grassy area of our home.

  3. Looking at the front of the house picture, I can see at least one palm tree out back and I also see a branch of the pecan tree, so I'm pretty sure they're still there.