Tuesday, January 19, 2010


BIG NEWS! It's raining. For us Arizonans, it is a big event. Especially when it rains for hours at a time. We are used to a few minutes of sprinkles or a 20 minute downpour, but hour after hour of rain is unusual.

After several hours of rain, this is how our backyard looks. If it fills to the sidewalk, we will have to start worrying about our house being flooded. It has only filled to the sidewalk once and that was the year after we moved in. You might be wondering about the spots that you see. The white ones are raindrops, but the yellowy-orange ones are grapefruit that have fallen from our tree (or were thrown?)

Here is one reason why I love rain. It always gives a growth spurt to my garden (including the weeds). I have been eating from the bounty and have enjoyed a salad with mixed greens and radishes and have been enjoying radishes fresh from my garden after a quick wash.

Now onto the downside of rain...

Yes, we have a leak down our air return. Hopefully the trash can takes care of the issue until we figure out what else to do.

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