Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recipe Book

I started my spring cleaning today because it is the best time of the year in this area to get sweaty and open your house up to the winds.

I started by cleaning and hanging some of my decor that I took down for the holidays but then I decided to clean out one of the cabinets I have. Inside I found a treasure trove that I had forgotten that I had. There was a huge crocheted tablecloth that my grandma made. There were handmade gloves and handkerchiefs that were hemstitched and tatted by the same grandma. I even found my husband's blessing outfit in a lovely pink. I remember asking my MIL why it was pink. She didn't know. It turns out that it started out a lovely baby blue. There were journals and another book.

It turns out that it is a recipe book of my grandmother's

and an account book dated 1920.

I loved the recipes. It includes brining 100 lbs. of meat and lots of desserts. Did you know that 8 salt spoons equals a teaspoon. I happen to have some salt spoons, but had no clue that they had a standard measure.

It even includes a recipe that is still being used by the family for a sweet chili sauce.

I might grow to love spring cleaning, if this keeps up (but don't count on it.)

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