Thursday, June 30, 2011

Circles Pillow

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of fabric? If you sew, I suspect you have. I fell in love with a red fabric back in September of 2010. I am not sure what it is. It is soft, tough, doesn't ravel and feels like a suede though it doesn't have a nap like a suede. I bought it at Goodwill on half price day to make armbands for costumes. This is what they looked like.

Yes, that is a fake arm! We did a play where the girls chopped off fake arms.

I thought that the fabric deserved to be showcased so I came up with this project.

I was disappointed in the way it went together, but have since realized that I mounted the fabric to a very flimsy backing and what should I expect?

I still loved the fabric though and I had a little left. What to do? I saw a knock-off on-line of this pillow...

available here from Crate and Barrel. I would love to point you back to the original post that I saw, but I had issues with my browser and had to delete the history which is where I had the information.

It took every last bit of my material to make my version of this pillow. I had to make it 11 x 11 because I didn't have enough fabric to do any more than that. I used the Sizzix Circles #2 die to cut out the circles and since the fabric is hard to pin through, I used some "Quilt Basting Spray" to tack the circles in place while I sewed it. This spray specifically does not clog up the needle or sewing machine.

And here is the final project...

I dearly love this, my final project, made with this fabric.

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