Thursday, October 29, 2009

New stuff out of old

When I went to our Deseret Industries Exchange Night, I picked up a shirt that I liked specifically for the fabric. I started out by making this from one of the sleeves. No pattern, just trying it out.

My granddaughter thought the shirt was adorable as a dress and asked if I'd fix the other sleeve and give it to her. I thought about it and told her, "Sure." Here's the finished dress. I just had to cut off the gosh awful sleeves that looked something like upside down mushrooms and hem what was left. Here's how it turned out.

I still had a sleeve to play with and so I took the idea from this blog
at this site and made this.

Next I found this site here and decided to make these cute little fellows.

My granddaughter's dress got this one.

And I put together a little set for a baby. It has a button to button the owl onto plus the cute little owl and the stuffed owl also.

I still have 2 more owls and little more fabric and have great plans for them, but they'll have to wait until after Halloween. I have too much to do between now and then.

And yes SB, I figured out how to link websites, but there is no infinity key on my keyboard.

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  1. I assume you know I didn't mean it was a key on your keyboard, especially since it's hard to "click" a key on your keyboard. :) Thanks though - I think it's much easier to navigate with the hyperlinks.