Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crafting with my sisters

It is the tradition in my family to have a very select birthday celebration with my sisters in March. The only ones ever invited were my sisters and our Mom. The guest list has been reduced to 3 after the passing of my mom and older sister. We have done lots of things together and suited them to the health of the participants. Many parties have involved staying close to home as we dealt with those health issues. It has become a tradition for me to provide a fairly simple craft for my siblings to make and take home. As is quite often the case, our craft centers around Easter.

I found this on line and decided it fit the bill. Here are the results of our crafting time...

The bunnies turned out to be adorable! One of my sisters has a love/hate relationship with crafts because she wants it to be perfect and it rarely is. She liked hers pretty well this time and with good reason.

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