Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good news!

Jeanine is out of ICU. She spent the night and much of today there. The doctor came in this morning with the good news that all her numbers were moving back to normal. She came back to the oncology ward and is hoping to get a lot of sleep tonight. Last night was spent getting 2 chest x-rays, an ultrasound of her kidney, multiple blood tests, listening to multitudes of machines clicking and the blood pressure cuff inflating every few minutes.

She is now able to move much easier and her swelling is receding. She is hungry and has been able to down some of the infamous hospital food.

This round of treatments has seemed to be much more difficult than her last set. As we know now, at least part of that was due to her kidney issues. I did get one thing wrong in my last post, I said that she had started kidney failure 5 days earlier, this is wrong. It had been going on for at least 30 hours. Thankfully her kidney is functioning much better than it was yesterday. It never did completely shut down.

It looks like Jeanine might be heading home in a couple of days. Good news!

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