Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jeanine talks to the Oncologist

Jeanine returned to her oncologist to find out the results of her 2 treatments in the hospital. It was a mixed review. He said that it looks like nothing has changed since the first visit, but he does think that the cancer has stopped growing for the present time.

Thankfully, he has suggested that we let things sit as they are. Jeanine can return to normal activities as she feels capable of doing so and live life. He says that she should get tested again in May and return to see him to see what has happened in those 2 months.

She was not happy to hear the news, but very grateful to be able to recoup for another 2 months before having to decide where to go from here. There is a possibility that the tumors will start to shrink in that time. There is a possibility that it will stay the same. There is a possibility that the cancer will begin spreading again and she'll need to undergo the treatment again or she may need to try another treatment.

We'll see what happens, but until then she'll continue working and enjoying family, church and friends.

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