Monday, March 1, 2010

Uh Oh!

I left the hospital this morning for a few hours of much needed sleep. Jeanine's friend was going to be there for enough time that she would have someone with her for 8 hours after her treatment. Enough, I thought. So much for my thought processes. I got a call about 3:30 pm saying that Jeanine was heading for the ICU. I finished up at my twice a month job and headed to the hospital.

It seems that her kidneys have been slowly shutting down for the last 5 days. It came to a head today. Her blood pressure took a nose dive to the 70s for the systolic and that was very worrisome to everyone. She has lost any ability to move more than just her extremities. She is swelling up, as was expected. Her mouth sores are back. So she is laying in bed in the ICU with tons of machines hooked up to her as they take her vitals, a catheter, and oxygen.

Now to the good part. Her blood pressure is moving up. Her kidneys are working somewhat. She is hungry and hopefully the "Miracle Mouthwash" will do it's work and heal her mouth sores so she can eat. They are keeping much, much closer track of her now. It had gotten to the point that they were only taking her vitals once a shift in the oncology ward. I wondered how they even figured out that she was having troubles. I have left her in the capable hands of the ICU nurse and will get a good night's sleep so I can be there with her tomorrow. More as I find out about it.

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