Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jeanine's Dr's Appointment

Jeanine went to see her oncologist today. We discussed what he might say as we traveled to the doctor's office. There were many possibilities, but the one we thought sounded the best was a respite and then tests. Thankfully that is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Jeanine is free to return to work when she has regained her strength. She is still very weak. She has yet to drive or leave her house except for dinner at my house and her doctor's appointment. She is hoping that she will be able to build up her strength and be ready to return to work on the 22nd of March.

She was also told that by the 23rd of March, the CAT scans should be able to show if the chemo has had any effect on her cancer. So she has those tests scheduled for that day. She will then return to the doctor on the 26th to see what the results are and the best options for what they have found.

She has truly appreciated all your visits, prayers, good wishes, flowers, cards, and other assorted things that you have done for her. The yard work and other services that have been performed on her behalf have fed her soul as well as helped her out physically. Thanks to each of you.

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