Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The release

When I got to the hospital today, all Jeanine could talk about was how she wanted to be released today. When the PA came in and talked to her, Jeanine was very, very disappointed to hear that she was not going home today. She is so past ready to leave the hospital. After the initial disappointment, she rebounded and accepted the decision especially when the PA promised to look at all her paperwork first thing tomorrow and sign her release ASAP.

The doctor came in later and said that she will be released tomorrow. This is all dependent on a test that was taken two days ago. It was a test to check and see if she had an infection running rampant in her body. She has no temperature to back up this premise, but she does have an increased white blood cell count. No one expects the report to show anything, but they don't want to release her until they get the final results. Here's hoping she can come home tomorrow!

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