Monday, March 1, 2010

Treatment #14

She did it! Treatment #14 was at 4:00 this morning. She had a rough and restless night and was so very glad to get her last treatment and be done with it.

Whenever I have been to a hospital before, the nurses and doctors are always urging their patients to exercise. That has never been mentioned since she got in. It's a good thing too. She is absolutely weak. Her trips to the bathroom are absolutely an example of mind over matter. She has no energy at all and has to talk herself into getting up and moving even a few inches.

Her thirst and hunger are also gone. Food has no appeal and fluids are hard for her too especially since she basically throws up any time she eats or drinks anything. She has not complained of mouth sores this go round.

But... All of these symptoms are specifically caused by the chemo and she will bounce back fairly quickly now that the chemo is over.

I don't know when she will be going home. I should know tomorrow.

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