Sunday, March 14, 2010

Primary Singing Time

Last week was a time of rain and so I chose to make a rainy day visual aid. It was to encourage the children to sing louder. The flower was made with a ribbon stem which allowed the flower to grow and grow.

The children were told that rain makes the flowers grow. I then told them that their singing was going to provide that rain. I then got our Primary President to tell me how well they were singing. 20 Raindrops? 10? 30?

The children thoroughly enjoyed it and so I was going to use this visual aid again this week. No prep time was going to be needed this week. At 10:30 this morning I realized that this visual aide was not going to be enough to fill our singing time and I needed something. Inspiration came. The only problem was Church began at 11:00. I had to hurry. I did, but still managed to be 10 minutes late to Church. These little guys were adapted with a glue gun. I had made the soft sculpture shamrocks many years ago, but now I made them into a boy and girl.

I found a pot of gold and the requisite rainbow on-line and printed it off to show the finish line and punched out yellow circles to represent pieces of gold (though I don't think I ever told the kids that's what they were supposed to represent.) I now had a game... boys against the girls. I had the boys or girls sing and depending on how well they sang they grew the flower up to 4 coins. The shamrock was moved as many coins as was represented by how they sang.

This picture shows the boys had sung as well as they could and moved the flower up four coins. This means that their game piece moved up 4 pieces of gold.

This activity was wonderful. The Primary President and Pianist were crying by the end of singing time because the children were singing with such fervor and feeling. This is the type of activity that I love because it encourages the children to sing and by singing, the words of the songs are reinforced. It was well worth the craziness to get it ready.

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