Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to the Hospital

Jeanine was called at 9 am today and told to come into the hospital. She told them it would be 2 hours (she was just waking up after a horrible night's sleep). They sounded all offended and told her to get there as soon as she could.

We arrived about 11 am and spent the next 5-6 hours waiting. The doctor had left no instructions and was in a meeting. About 4 pm, things started happening... an EKG, some blood work and I left about 6 pm as she was heading down to get her picc line. We expect, but haven't been told, that she will start HD-IL2 (her chemo) tonight. She is not at all looking forward to it, but she has been so bored for the last 7 hours, I think that even chemo is starting to look good.

I will stay tonight and see how her symptoms are with this chemo. We have no idea what to expect. If she starts out with a bang, I want to be there to help her out. More as soon as I know and when I get home.

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