Friday, February 26, 2010

Treatment #5

I've just come home after a long stint with Jeanine. Yesterday, she officially worried the nurses. She counted four times they called the doctor. Several of those times I thought they were overreacting, but one time, Jeanine had me worried. Her temperature headed up to 37.7... not terribly high (around 100 degrees F), but her pulse was racing at 165. Her blood pressure has remained fairly stable. She has not dipped below 100 systolic and 50 diastolic.

She had chills for the first time, during this hospital stay, last night and we determined it was because the Demerol that is used to control them was not administered soon enough. If they do it exactly 1 hour from the time she ends her chemo, she gets cold, but not the horrible shakes.

Before I go back she will have had treatment number 6. She says that the time is crawling despite the fact that she sleeps most of the time. More later.

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