Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day #9

I have just returned from the hospital and all is going well with Jeanine. She is slowly regaining her strength and has lost some of her symptoms while others are "raising their ugly heads."

She has an issue where her reddened skin is now becoming a rash complete with the requisite itching. Jeanine says that it is tolerable. Less tolerable is her sore mouth which makes eating or drinking unappetizing and painful. She has found a magic mouthwash which makes those sores less of a problem.

We got more information on why her chemo was stopped. She was told that her oncologist felt that with one more treatment she would go septic which my dictionary says is a bacterial infection. It doesn't sound pretty. It would also mean that she would have been sent to the ICU and been in very serious condition. We have gotten copies of her latest blood work and have found that her white blood cell count is very, very low.

The doctor expects to send her home tomorrow, Wednesday, and she is hoping to go to her house. I think that she is capable of staying there by herself if she has some meals brought in to her for a few days. We are also looking for a shower chair for her to borrow for a couple of days until her strength is closer to normal.

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  1. This is Carl Lee. We have a shower chair that Jeanine can use. Give me a call or email. Ken should have my number and email.