Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DAY #2 - Midday

I went to see Jeanine today and so did many others. We had a great time meeting with some of the women from her Ward and with our nephew and his wife. Today she is open to visitors, though she did kick me out so that she could take a nap this afternoon.

Her Oncologist and his PA stopped by and explained a little more about the process. From the sounds of things once she starts the treatment, she probably will want limited visits and will spend most of her time sleeping.

The Oncologist's PA put it this way.... "I talked to the doctor and he said that you are a very nice women. He wondered how you would be later on this week." As they explained, it is a very, very unpleasant treatment.

We also spoke to the caseworker who said that one of the side effects of the treatment is extreme tiredness. She said that for the first little while after she returns home, she will be so tired and exhausted, that she will need to have her basic needs taken care of for her. She will need help preparing food, etc. We'll see if we think she needs someone there or if having meals delivered and people stopping in will be good enough. We should know by the end of the treatment.

More this evening.

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