Friday, February 5, 2010

Day #5

Jeanine has kept the status quo. Nothing was particularly worse or better. She tried some meds to help her feel better and they helped somewhat. She also is finding food very unappealing. She only takes a few bites each meal, but she is drinking water which is good. She has not had any issues with swelling for which we are most grateful. Her blood pressure which ranges around 100 over 55 is considered good. 80 as the top number is when the doctor will start worrying. She has a low grade fever most of the time. Unless she is in the middle of her chills, we are keeping the room at a balmy 63 - 65 degrees. The one thing I am noticing is that there is less and less time when she feels fairly good. What once was a 3 hour window has shrunk to a 1 1/2 - 2 hour period of time when she feels fairly good.

Even so, the Oncologist says that she is doing better than most of his patients who receive this treatment and we attribute it to your prayers and her name being placed on the rolls of many temples, plus the blessing she received. Thanks to all of you for your concern and prayers.

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