Sunday, February 28, 2010

Treatment #11

Jeanine has now reached the minimum doses of her treatment and everything on out is icing on the cake. The maximum will be 14 doses and is she continues on schedule she will be done early Monday morning. That is a big "IF" though. As you may remember, she only made it to 12 last time.

Yesterday there was a little scare. She complained of heaviness in her legs and it was determined that she needed an ultrasound of the blood vessels in her legs to check for blood clots. Thankfully she had none.

Her blood pressure has dropped several times to the 80's for the systolic and 40's for the diastolic. She needed oxygen for a while early this morning to keep her oxygen level in the 90's. She still has a low grade fever. The other annoying symptoms such as vomiting, weakness, swelling, and needing the room down to 65 degrees are still there and her skin is starting to peel again. But all in all, it looks good on our end, but it is the blood tests that determine if she is allowed to continue. We'll see what the doctor says.

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