Monday, February 22, 2010

Jeanine's Appointment

Jeanine went to see her oncologist today. The report from the radiologist said that nothing has changed, but... the sizes listed seemed to indicate shrinkage of the growths in the liver. The doctor was going to call and check which was right, but didn't get the info before Jeanine left.

Regardless, he suggested that she needed to go through the treatment again. He said that in his mind her body handled it well and he felt like it was the best course to take. She agreed and is supposed to be called by the hospital sometime tomorrow when a bed is available. So tomorrow is the day that she reports back to the hospital.

Once again she will be trying for 14 treatments. The only thing different is that she will probably start the treatments sooner. She won't need to do the stress test again. The doctor is unsure how her body will react to this second set of treatments. He says that there is a big range of reactions, from virtually no reaction to worse reactions than before and much sooner.

She is, of course, none to happy with what she heard and will probably have a restless night and a good cry. But she knew that this was the most likely scenario and will do what she has to do. I am sure she would ask you to remember her in your prayers tonight and, for that matter, the next 10 days.

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